Hazrat Sayyad Qari Abdul Latif Radiallahhotaalaanho born in the village of Sikri District Mujaffarnagar UP. A Sikiri was not a well known place in past and also sikri is 20Km far from Deoband. So Deoband zamat has affected people in the sikri and around villages. They were being misguided by Deoband followers and their policy against Sunnat E WalJamat. When Hazrat Sayyad Qari Abdul Latif Radiallahhotaalaanho started serving islamic knowledge to people by his spiritual speeches and his vast knowledge about Islam then A unknown place sikri started becoming famous in the aalam e islaam by his name and People from different part of india were being attracted towards him to get blessing of Allah and his prophet ( صلى الله عليه وسلم ). Thousands of people from different part of country have become mureed under his hand by taking promise to follow our Prophet ( صلى الله عليه وسلم ) sunnah and will not do anything that is against in islaam. Many have accepted islaam as a true relgion in the world and they are still visiting in Sikri Shareef with their faith in their Peer O Murshid and being blessed by him. As Allah said Aulia will never die and They are still alive as they were in past. Our trust says He is still seeing and guiding us as he used to do before hiding from our eyes. All latifi lovers are still being blessed by Allah and His Prophet ( صلى الله عليه وسلم ) under latifi shadow. This process (becoming mureed) is still going on by his successor Hazrat Sayyad Hafiz Qari Lutfur Rahmaan Saheb Qibla.

Hazrat Sayyad Qari Abdul Latif Radiallahhotaalaanho used to offer prayer all the time and he never used to miss any prayer whatever the situation. He used to spent his day and night only praising allah and his prophet ( صلى الله عليه وسلم ). After completion his education in Islamic knowledge in merrut he started inviting people towards a true path of islaam. He was a great scholar and spiritual personality. He always used to invite people towards Sunnat E Wal Jamat. His personality and speeches impressed thousands of people and they like to hear him. He followed always what Prophet ( صلى الله عليه وسلم )) has said to do. His knowledge was very vast in all way. Day by day his name was getting popular in UP and around places then globally. People used to come to him for his blessing and to listen his spiritual speech.

He had great spiritual bonding with Hazrat Makhdoom Sabir kaliyari Radiallahhotaalaanho. That’s why He was called in the world by SabriBulbul (A Bird Of Sabir). He used to go kaliyar shareef regular basis. In the Urs of Hazrat Sabir Kaliyari Radiallahotaalaanho He used to give his special presence all the time in a Urs E Kaliyar.

He has spent forty days in the forest alone doing prayer to Allah. It is said there was a lion that used to come as a visitor at that place. There were many miracles that are in people memories. Inshallah We will definitely mention in later section.